How to Cost-Effectively Move Goods

Moving Freight Cost Effectively

As a business, you will know how important it is to ensure that your goods are transported safely. You also want to know that they are going to get to their destination when the company says they will. After all, if your business depends on goods being transported throughout Australia, you need a logistics company that you can rely on. We all want to move goods at a great and cost-effective price, but what is the best way?

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Dangerous Goods? Hazardous Goods? General Goods? What’s the Difference?


To most people, dangerous goods are hazardous and hazardous goods are dangerous — there is no difference. But, when it comes to transporting them, there are differences and they do require separate treatment.

The same goes for general goods, which can simply be treated as anything that isn’t dangerous or hazardous. However, even general goods may need to be handled in a certain way — they may be frozen produce or carried at ambient temperature, they can be bulk items such as grain or coal, or they may be high value, fragile items that have to be treated with great care.

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Are Driverless Trucks the Future of Our Industry?


Are Driverless Trucks the Future of Our Industry?

With advances in modern technology, it begs the question, will driverless trucks become the future of our industry? In some parts of the world, driverless trucks are already in operation. They are currently being used in the mining industry in Australia, but can they take over from our current logistics companies to deliver freight across the country?

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FCB Logistics Service


FCB Logistics has been servicing North West Queensland and the Northern Territory for over 40 years. Through thick and thin, we are devoted to these communities and understand the remote and seasonal challenges. We also understand the remote culture and the need to remain flexible, easy to deal with and work together while being focused on safety as well as efficiency to get the job done right the first time.

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Welcome to FCB Logistics


At FCB Logistics, we transport a range of items including mining commodities, dangerous goods, warehousing products and more. FCB Logistics is flexible and easy to deal with, whatever or where ever the challenge.

We also assist our clients to develop their processes to ensure compliance under The Australian Dangerous Goods Code of Practice and Chain of Responsibility Legislation.

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